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Shore Hill Community Center Candidates Forum

Candidates Forum, May 8th, 2018
Shore Hill Community Center, 9000 Shore Rd., Brooklyn
Hi Everybody,
On Tuesday, May 8th I spoke at an Educational Forum: Meet the Candidates for the 11th Congressional District. Besides me, there were  6 Democrats  and 1 Republican.
I told the group that I was also a senior and a member of AARP.  I told the group that we had a bad economy in the USA  that was causing unemployment, not enough repairs to our infrastructure, and poverty.
I told the audience that the cause of this bad economy was a maldistribution of wealth, and what we should do is tax the wealthy 1% 70 to 92% like we did from 1942 to 1980. THAT’S WHEN  AMERICA WAS GREAT.
Hank Bardel

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