New York City Green Party candidates meeting

On 5/11/16 I attended a meeting of the New York City Green Party candidates running for office this coming November. We discussed about 7 topics. The meeting was held at the home of Tom Siracuse who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
We discussed that some people were calling Green Party candidates  “spoilers”. I said that we should pretty much ignore that kind of name calling because the real spoilers are the Republicans and Democrats with their policies that are ruining the American economy and the American environment and that we should explain this in our campaigns.
The subject of the American foreign policy was brought up. I stated that a lot of our foreign policy was based, in my opinion on what President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people against in 1961. He warned that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought,by the military industrial complex.” Based on the US government budget and and the U.S. foreign policy it looks to me like there is way too much influence by the military industrial complex,
I also talked about my campaign issues like talking about demand side economics which includes taxing the 1% who are the billionaires so that we can pay for programs like the WPA jobs program and the single payer health care system. We also have to protect the environment by banning fracking and regulating corporations 
I also talked about how a candidates campaign website can keep voters informed.
Hank Bardel

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One response to “New York City Green Party candidates meeting

  1. Karen Oestreicher

    Keep up the good work. Lots of good luck in your endeavors.
    Karen O.

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