Campaign Notes

Hank was pretty busy this past week

On Thursday, he was interviewed by Courtney Gross, a reporter for NY1 News. The interview, conducted in Hank’s residence, took about half hour. She’s going to get back to Hank with the air date and time.

On Friday, Hank spoke at the Richmond County American Legion Hall at a candidates forum they held. There were 5 Republican and 3 Democratic candidates there, including one of Hank’s opponents, Republican Michael Grimm. Domenic Recchia, the Democrat, didn’t attend.

On Saturday, Hank attended a Peace Action Dinner at the Olivet Presbyterian Church. He did some campaigning and handed out campaign flyers. He had a chance to speak with a number of progressives who attended. One woman talked to him about 5 toxic chemical dumps on the North Shore that need to be cleaned up immediately. One of them was used in the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb. It still contains uranium contamination.

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    They still don’t get the Green Party.

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